About us

Hobart Buyers Agents is a dedicated property buyers advocacy – a true ally to home purchasers and investors. Working exclusively for buyers (not sellers like typical real-estate agents), we strictly and pro-actively represent the financial and aspirational interests of our clients.

We provide invaluable unbiased professional representation in an increasingly competitive niche market and have earnt our position as the most awarded, respected and prominent agency in greater Hobart.

We consistently ensure our clients, both local and remote, secure only the very best properties in the local market by adopting a very pro-active strategic approach and providing swift, on the ground representation.

We in-still confidence in what can typically be a nervy time, by providing invaluable insight, helping clients refine their strategies, and ensuring they have a sound understanding of what short-listed properties are really worth. We uncover hidden opportunities, continually win negotiations in a competitive market, and ultimately ensure they achieve their goals sooner and more effectively.

Our job is to make what can often be a frustrating and drawn out process, actually enjoyable and efficient. Saving our clients time, money, unnecessary stress and securing quality opportunities that consistently exceed their expectations.

We welcome the opportunity to work with you.


Jasmin is both HBA’s Managing Director and lead agent. She’s also an avid developer, serial renovator and design + heritage tragic. She lives and breathes property, innovation, and facilitating positive opportunities.

She understands first hand the nuances of the property market. The ins and out’s, the do’s and the don’ts. The stuff you can only learn the hard way, and how to find the truly extraordinary amongst all the ordinary.

Determined, discerning and creative, she believes where there is a will there is always a way. She sees opportunities where others do not, and alongside a close network of trusted associates in the local area, revels in bringing them to fruition.

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